About Sea to Sky Rentals

Our Story

We are proud to have served Seattle visitors for over twelve years as the oldest, largest and most experienced vacation rental property manager in town!

In addition to outstanding 24/7 guest care, we also provide full-service property management including marketing, lead management, bookings, guest care, property cleaning and light maintenance for homeowners.

How It All Started

Owner Michelle Acquavella was only the second person ever to list a rental in Seattle on VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) when she posted her Phinney Ridge mother-in-law apartment in 2001. When the rental became so popular that she was able to cover her entire mortgage, Michelle knew she wanted to jump headfirst into the brand new industry. The following year she bought a condo in downtown’s Elektra building and wrote up a business plan for Sea to Sky Rentals, Seattle’s very first vacation rental property management company!

Growing an Industry

As vacation rentals grew in popularity, so did the business. Sea to Sky began managing other people’s properties in 2003 and soon property owners started looking to Michelle for advice on managing their second homes.

She continued to be a trailblazer in this niche market when she challenged a proposed city-wide ban on vacation rentals in 2007. After a two-year battle advocating for vacation rental rights, she emerged victorious, preserving the freedom of visitors to choose between a hotel or vacation rental.

By 2010, with the momentum from the legal success and the healing economic crisis, Sea to Sky was growing rapidly. We created an in-house commercial laundry facility and formed our very own Property Care team to ensure that our guests received the highest quality product possible. Michelle teamed up with other leaders in the emerging market to co-found the Vacation Rental Managers Association of Washington (www.vrmawa.org).

In 2013, we added Business Manager Heidi Stuber to our team, allowing Michelle to dedicate more of her time to national vacation rental leadership. She is now president of VRMAWA, as well as a member of the board of directors for the national VRMA.

Where We Are Today

In 2014 we moved in with fellow vacation rental innovator, Mysty Mountain Properties, in order to expand our Guest Services and Marketing operations. Today, we manage almost 40 properties as we continue to share the beautiful city of Seattle with hundreds of visitors every year. We hope to have you stay at one of our incredible vacation rentals very soon!


118 N 36th St, Suite A, Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 632-4210