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There’s nothing more relaxing than settling down onto the couch with your loved ones and a glass of wine, ready to fire up a classic movie, or maybe something independent and obscure that rocked the Oscars this year. What you may not know is that there are plenty of theaters in Seattle that offer that exact same experience! Sure, you can’t wear your cozy bunny slippers (or can you?!), but you do get travel back into a bygone era of vintage charm and luxury at the cinema. Explore these independent movie theaters during your next trip to the Emerald City – any one of them is the perfect place to catch an indie thriller, 1940’s romance, or the latest and greatest Star Wars installment!


The Best Independent Movie Theaters in Seattle


In the heart of Belltown you’ll find the Big Picture Theater, built on a promise of luxury and decadence. Enjoy the film, and let them take care of the rest. Waiters will deliver martinis to you in your Tempur-Pedic seats, as well as Champagne buckets full of popcorn and martini glasses full of Raisinettes. If that doesn’t scream luxury, what does?


If you’re looking for something a little more historical, head north to Queen Anne where you’ll find the famous Cinerama. Like many great Seattle icons, Cinerama is the result of the 1962 World’s Fair. Since then it has been a favorite choice of all Seattle moviegoers, as a well-known destination for cult classics and film festivals. There’s always something going on at Cinerama! And a recent renovation means you can enjoy dinner and even adult beverages in the plush, comfortable chairs.


Independent Movie Theaters in Seattle


Another one of our favorite independent movie theaters in Seattle is The Grand Illusion Cinema, tucked away in the University District. In 1968 a dentist’s office was converted into the current Grand Illusion, making it one of the longest-running movie theaters in the Puget Sound! Enjoy the beautiful speakeasy-like atmosphere, where they play almost exclusively independent films.


The best way to turn dinner and a movie into one single stop: Central Cinema! Located just a little east of Belltown, the Central Cinema is the perfect date night. Enjoy second-run films and a full menu at every show. Tons of local PNW craft beer is available to sip as well. Feeling feisty? They have events called Hecklevision, where it’s highly encouraged to question some of your favorite characters on the big screen! I mean, how many times have you muttered “no, don’t go down in that basement alone!” to your television at home?


Independent Movie Theaters in Seattle


Seattle is an amazing epicenter of art and creativity, and Seattleites tend to flock to it. There are some amazing places to check out independent movies, but we tend to think that the theaters themselves tell just as much of a story as any film playing on the screen. During your next Emerald City vacation, check out these awesome independent movie theaters in Seattle! And don’t forget to book a Belltown or Urban Neighborhood rental right here on here on our website: www.SeatoSkyRentals.com.


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