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What’s Better than Being a Tourist in your Own City?

My name is Sydney, and I’m a Seattle native. My sweetheart, Mike, and I have been living in Ballard for a year and some change, both of us having grown up in the greater King County area. Naturally, we have both been to Pike’s Place Market more times than I can count, and can point out every major landmark from the top of the Space Needle, having memorized their exact locations. However, since moving out of the suburbs and into the city, we found that we stopped exploring. We fell into a rut – one that caused us to take our beautiful city for granted.

In order to break the cycle, we decided it was time for a staycation. We spent a few nights in the South Lake Union Lakeview Suite and explored an area that, though we had been through many times, we had never really stopped in.

Checking In

The Cascade Building is simply beautiful. New construction is very apparent through the clean lines and modern feeling of the building itself. We parked on the street while we entered the building to get the parking pass. The keypad on the front door made this extremely easy, and ensured that we could check in any time. This was wonderful, since we both worked late that day and ended up not arriving until around seven.

Being as I work in Fremont and we were staying in South Lake Union, we were grateful for the secured parking that came with the rental. Since I’m a bit of country mouse, I didn’t love the idea of leaving my car out on the street overnight, let alone trying to find parking in South Lake Union. Having a parking garage available to us was a huge relief!

The unit itself was exactly what we were looking for! Though it was a little big for the two of us, it had all of the amenities that we were looking for. The queen bed in the master was far more comfortable than what I would have expected from a vacation rental, and the master bath had the perfect amount of space for the two of us to coexist comfortably while getting ready for work – a luxury we do not have in our current apartment!

Exploring South Lake Union

After dropping our bags unceremoniously on the master bed and changing my shoes from my everyday Tevas to a pair of dressier, if less sensible, shoes, we set out with keys in hand to track down some dinner and drinks. As Mike works in South Lake Union, he had a fairly good grasp on the area and directed us towards Mbar, a local rooftop bar which his coworkers had raved about and was only a five minute walk from our rental.

A rooftop bar in December was a frightening idea to me, being as I am constantly cold and own more blankets than I have drinking glasses. But when we arrived, we requested to be seated outside due entirely to the experience. I mean, who goes to a rooftop bar and sits inside? I was happy to discover that there were fantastic, REI-grade blankets on the back of every chair on the patio. It was mere moments before I had successfully cocooned myself in both mine and Mike’s.



We ordered two glasses of mulled wine, in case the heater that was hanging above us wasn’t working quite well enough. That being said, neither of us felt cold during our dinner, and we still got to enjoy the fantastic views that the deck provided! Our only regret? That we hadn’t gotten there earlier to see the beautiful views of the city and Lake Union in the day time.

An Evening In

The second night in our beautiful rental, we decided to spend some time in the unit relaxing and enjoying our getaway. On his walk back from work, Mike picked up a bottle of wine and some ingredients for a homemade dinner. The kitchen had everything that we needed in order to make a perfect meal! We were pleasantly surprised to find that we wanted for nothing – we were even able to find steak knives, which successfully saved our dinner!



After dinner we poured some more wine and set up a board game for the two of us to enjoy. We loved playing a game together with the twinkling city right behind us – the views from the living room were spectacular! After playing a few rounds of one of our favorite games, we unfolded the sofa-bed in the living room so that we could create a nest of blankets to watch a movie in. Having Netflix on the television made it much easier to pick something to watch!



We loved our South Lake Union getaway. It was exactly what we needed to get back in touch with this beautiful city and to remember why we moved here in the first place! There’s always something to explore, and this was the trip that we needed to rekindle our love of Seattle.

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