Taxes & Fees

At Sea to Sky Rentals, we place a high value on operating with transparency and integrity. As of January 2019, we are implementing changes to our reservation procedures that we would like to share with you.

First, we have eliminated the two options of a non-refundable damage insurance policy (which involves a complicated claims process), or a refundable security deposit (which requires a large hold on a credit card until a week after departure). These have been replaced with a simple, one-time Property Protection Fee of 6.9% of the room rate. This fee protects you up to $1,500 in any accidental damage during your stay with us. As our valued guest, you will have the peace of mind that this protection brings, and collecting these funds allows us to take swift action prior to and following your stay should any accidental damage occur, thus ensuring a flawless experience for all.

Next, we have added a $25 Hot Tub fee in the mountains for every cabin with a hot tub.  This fee ensure that the hot tub is cleaned, chemically balance and functional for your stay. This fee goes directly to the owner of the cabin to help offset the rising costs of hot tub maintenance.

Every reservation requires a Cleaning Fee, which allows us to prepare the rental for the next guest following your departure, and provide numerous starter supplies including toiletries, rental supplies, cleaning products, etc. Each cleaner follows a long and detailed checklist. Our Quality Assurance inspector comes through before every check in to ensure an excellent end result. This fee is not a source of profit – it merely covers the costs of operation and supplies for our cleaners and inspectors.

Washington state Vacation Rentals Sales Tax varies based on city and county. Seattle’s 2019 Sales Tax is 17.1%. The North Cascades Sales Tax for Vacation Rentals varies from is 8.6%-10.6%.

If you are bring a pet there is a Pet Fee of $25 per pet per day.  This allows us extra time to clean the property for future guests and covers extra wear and tear from the additional furry guest.

Check in/out fees: We do have a complementary early check in at 2pm if the property is cleaned and ready for your stay and a late check out of 1pm if there is not a guest coming in that same day.  If you desire to have an earlier check in or later check out there is a $25 fee per hour after our complementary times. At certain downtown seattle units there may be an additional check in or move in fee that the HOA of the building requires for any stays. This can range from $12-$30.